CARTRIDGE 88RS is composed 88 needles that are assembled in a round square formation. This concept was invented by Mrs. Linda Paradis, who is a leader in the Tattoo Removing industry for the past 23 years. The CARTRIDGE 88RS concept has help the tattoo removal industry by creating in combination with TATTOO REMOOV 88 a non-invasive and the safest technique to remove tattoos.

CARTRIDGE 88RS helps technicians achieve fast results and guarantees great treatment results. It does not matter how complex your tattoo is, the Cartridges 88RS will remove your tattoo. Cartridge 88RS is a unique concept to remove cosmetic and body tattoos.

How does Cartridge 88RS works?

The Cartridge 88RS does not penetrate into the dermis, instead, it surfs on the epidermis. Cartridge 88RS does not causes burning, bleeding or pain and this is due to the number of needles and their formation.

The requirement of the sessions to completely remove tattoos:

The requirement of the sessions to completely remove tattoos with Cartridge 88RS depends on the complexity of the tattoo, pigmentation quantity into the skin, the quality of the pigment, the deepness of the inserted pigment, texture and type of skin. The whole procedure of tattoo removal is painless.

Specifications of Cartridge 88RS:

  • Cartridge 88RS/132RS is a patented technology.
  • Cartridge 88RS is designed with a magnetic cartridge technology.
  • Cartridge 88RS works without producing vibrations.
  • Cartridge 88RS is the safest technique to remove tattoos without harming your skin.
  • Cartridge 88RS is designed with an open tip for user’s comfort.
  • Cartridge 88RS has a protective rubber cover to prevent ink backflow.
  • Cartridge 88RS has a zero resistance design which is useful for the long life of the machine.
  • Cartridge 88RS is designed with round square configuration which is non-invasive for the skin because it does not penetrate the dermis. Cartridge 88RS does not damage your skin at all. It is the first time that a non-invasive technique has been developed to remove tattoos


  •  Patented magnetic needle technology without vibration.
  • Thanks to its round-square configuration, the needle surfs on the skin and does not penetrate the derm.
  • Zero resistance design prolongs the life of your machine.
  • Protective rubber cover prevents ink or TATTOO REMOOV TM backflow.
  • Ergonomic comfort design with open tip.
  • No micro-needling effect on the skin.

Sold in packs of 10 pcs 

ISO & CE Certified Magnetic cartridges, medical stainless steel, equipped with silicone membrane.

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